Cartridge Combo Bilge Pump Low 750GPH 12V

Horisontal mount submersible bilge pump 12V including digital level switch. Pump capacity 50 L/min (750 GPH) and 42 L/min (660 GPH) at 0,9m (3ft) head. Stainless steel shaft, compact and easy to install. Tough thermoplastic ABS housing with detachable universal base plate with strainer and T-slot attached level switch for automatic operation. Replaceable cartridge motor. Easy maintenance and low power consumption. Including 19 mm (3/4″) straight and elbow detachable discharge ports. Amperage 2,7 A, fuse size 5A. For pleasure boats from 6m (18 Ft) to 8m (25 Ft) length.

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Cartridge Combo pump manual_albinus-v2.pdf

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