About us

“An always trouble-free and comfortable boating experience for everyone” -our vision

With more than 100 years of marine pump experience in the team we are professionals in our field. We love boating and live by our products. We know the right pumps and pump solutions, which we make available to boat owners and builders through our global distribution network.

Products are developed in Sweden and manufactured with partners around the world. Our embrace of digital development, modern manufacturing technology and a global on-line presence ensures greater flexibility and greater speed to market than ever before seen in our industry.

We deliver the highest level of service in the most efficient way to facilitate for our customers. Our digital focus allows us to avoid unnecessary printing of catalogs and newsletters; helping to preserve the oceans, lakes and waterways we love so much.

Our history

Albin Group has a long history with a strong heritage in the marine business. The name Albin was officially registered as a pump and engine manufacturer in 1911. In 1928 the first motor driven pump was introduced and marine engines were produced by Albin Motor between 1925 and 1976. In 2005 Albin Pump AB starts to produce innovative pumps for today’s industries. Albin Pump Marine was developed as a natural step in the Albin Pump family 2017. In 2020 Albin Group and Albin Group Marine were established with our brands Albinus and Albinex. To form an organizational structure to facilitate growth also through acquisitions by separating the company name from our product brands.

Albin Group Marine AB
Brandthovdagatan 17
72135 Västerås, Sweden

Albin Group Marine LLC
65 Walnut Street, PO Box 751
Peabody, MA 01960, USA

Albin Group Marine Asia
controlled by JMP Corporation
12 Mora-Ro Sasang-Gu
Busan, Korea (46903)

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