Captain’s Log #7 2022
Press Release- Albin Group Acquires Gobius Sensor Technology AB – Aug 31, 2022


Captain’s Log #6 2019
Albin Group Marine test winner in magazine Boote, METS 2019 results, high performance Water Pressure System, Holiday Greetings!


Captain’s Log #5 2019

Joint Venture with Sudbury, New Strainers, FAB Dock, and METS 2019 taking off!!


Captain’s Log #4 2019

Albin Group Marine New Warehouse, IBEX 2019, Aerator Pumps


Captain’s Log #3 2019

Innovation award @ KIBS, Willem- Sweden Warehouse/ Customer Support, Sanctuary Cove BS, WPS/WD deliveries and Spare Part Kits


Captain’s Log #2 2019

New! PDF Catalog, New! Premium Toilet, Report from IBBI Suppliers Conference and Japan Boat Show


Captain’s Log #1 2019

Product News, visit Albin Group Marine @ Miami Boat Show! Report from Boot 2019 and Vancouver International BS


Captain’s Log #11 2018

Product News, METS 2018, Australia, Blister Pack


Captain’s Log #10 2018

New! Bilge Boat Monitor System, Captain’s Choice definition, new crank shaft engine cooling pump and introduction of “Theme Park” design product guide.


Captain’s Log #9 2018

WPS/ WD product launch at METS, news from IBEX, GP pump tip!


Captain’s Log #8 2018

New product to be launched at IBEX and METS, bilge pump installation reccomendations, boat shows and trade fairs. New- bulk pack for builders!


Captain’s Log #7 2018

ASIA warehouse opens in August! Controlled by JMP Corporation in Busan, Korea


Captain’s Log #6 2018

Technical features, tips and tricks! New products, new distributors and latest news from boat shows.


Captain’s Log #5 2018

“Lock- Unlock” by Albin, Showroom in Miami, New Packaging Design, Warsaw Boat Show & Easter Greetings!


Captain’s Log #4 2018

Stock build, Miami warehouse & boat show, media releases & Brad Burton, Engine Cooling & updated x-reference list!


Captain’s Log #3 2017

New products, warehouse, web update & greetings!


Captain’s Log #2 2017

METS, International workboat show in New Orleans, Salons Nautique in Paris, NMMA membership and more…


Captain’s Log #1 2017

Albin Group Marine – new marine trademark from Sweden

Albin Pump, well known manufacturer of industrial pumps, now enters the marine pump
market. The new division, Albin Pump Marine, will produce pumps and pump solutions for the
global marine pleasure boat markets.

The marine pleasure boat pump market today is often characterized by high price brands and
budget imports. Albin Pump Marine aims to bridge the gap in this market. Working with
advanced digital design, together with specialized manufacturing partners, Albin Pump Marine
will bring pump solutions to the market at a faster pace than ever before, whilst meeting the
on-line demands of the well informed consumer.

“Many boat builders look for direct deliveries of complete pump packages while marinas and
shops want a range of problem-free products that sell off-the shelf. Consumers rely on strong
brands and search already for the information they need on-line” says Andreas Dahl, CEO
Albin Pump Marine.

“We will strive to provide the best value to our customers by investing our knowledge and
experience in our pump portfolio and by making them available to the global pleasure boat
market in the most cost efficient and modern way”, says Andreas.

The Albin Pump Marine complete product portfolio includes bilge pumps, waste water pumps,
water pressure pumps, impeller pumps, replacement impellers and more as well as an
extensive range of pump solutions such as marine toilets, water heaters, ventilation blowers
and defrosters, for improved comfort and safety onboard.

Visit our website and find out more about our product range and how we can provide you with
the best pump products and solutions via this link

Albin Pump has a long history with a strong heritage in the marine business. The name Albin was officially registered as a pump and engine manufacturer in 1911. In 1928 the first motor driven pump was introduced and marine engines were produced by Albin Motor between 1925 and 1976. In 2005 Albin Pump AB starts to produce innovative pumps for today’s industries. Albin Pump Marine was developed as a natural step in the Albin Pump family 2017.

Meet us at IBEX & METS

The new trademark Albin Pump Marine will be present at IBEX and METS every year.

Registered office and warehouse in Mogölsvägen 16, 55593 Jönköping, Sweden

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