MA40-BSP1.1/2"- Flange IEC 90-w/o motor

PN APM: 05-03-032. Product name: MA40-BSP1½"- Flange IEC 90-W/o motor. Product:: 1½" Flexible impeller Bronze Pump head kit for AC IEC motor 90 with small flange. Mech. seal. Replaces Johnson FIP40SI-BSP02M01F90 Double flat Neoprene Impeller APM 06-05-038. Replaces Johnson Impeller 09-838S. Recommended motor: 1.1 kW, 1400 rpm. Single phase motor 230V must be equipped with start and drive condenser. Max. Capacity: 188 l/min Max. Pressure: 2.5 Bar. Max. Suction lift: 5 m. Flexible Impeller Pumps for AC motors, general information: Septic Tank Handling, Wash Down, Circulation, Water and General Purpose pumping. Self-priming pumps (up to 5m for a dry pump) with a flexible, compact design for a wide range of applications and OEM applications; for example within Marine, Agriculture, WWS, Water Ponds and Forestry. Capacity range from 50 to 180 l/min (13 to 48 GPM). Due to the flexible impeller the pumps can handle most liquids and slurries with soft particles. Max. dia for hard particle is approx. 7mm. Easy to maintain and quick to clean. The pumps are designed with few parts which keeps service time reduced to a minimum.

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