Marine Toilet Silent Electric Comfort 12V

Silent electric comfort toilet with seperated flushing and waste disposal cycle. Including 2 function rocker switch control panel 12/24V for waste disposal and flushing. Seperate flushing or waste disposal and combined cycle. Water is from existing pressurized water system onboard with 12V solenoid valve (PN 07-66-030) or 12V flush pump (PN 07-66-032)- not included! Silent operation and low water consumption. Easy to clean white regular ceramic bowl and white thermoplastic softclose seat. Port conections inlet 19mm (3/4"), outlet 25mm or 38mm (1" or 1,5"). Stable base for robust installation. Plug & play/ interchangeable with Jabsco 37045-1092, Johnson Pump 80-47232-01 and other 12V dual cycle electrical toilet models.

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